Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Your Success Pt8-9 "What Are You Doing?"

“I do not complain and I do not make excuses”

   Don’t ever doubt yourself, you’re infinitely important and so are the reason’s for your actions. Once you start making excuses you demean the reason for your existence. Present to others the reason’s for your actions and you don’t have to apologize. This is what we call “keeping it real” or “letting people know what’s up” which is basically the trustworthy quality in those you would like to associated with. There is a language of success, this is little discussed outside of sales circles. I deals with positioning and statement phrasing. We commonly call it closing, speaking with authority, or persuasive speech, but what this is it speaking successfully and once it corresponds with other successful peoples, they know that the two of you are speaking the same language. It is not defeated, it is powerful, determined, and unapologetic.  If you ever find yourself on the defensive, it means your offense is not on the field. Of course you want to have a great 
defense, but sport analogies aside, defense does not win games. You have to score at least one point more than your opposition. . That my friends is offense, and the best offense is the one your opponent can’t stop and winner’s don’t make excuses for winning.

 “When you find yourself trying to convince someone of the truth, stop it. Just prove it to them”

   Do you know what you’re doing? Talking to a wall. The best way to communicate with a wall is to write on it. Plant a garden around it. You transform the environment around it.

 -Alfred Ward

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