Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Your Success Pt7 "Make Moves"

“If you know where people are doing what you want to do, go there”

     I can’t say it enough, you have better chances of being ‘discovered’ once you discover the discoverers. All over the world the individuals whom you need to network with hold national, regional, and sometimes local events. They have membership associations, meetings, and more recently social network sites just for members. This is why so many people who are into entertainment dream of moving to Hollywood or aspiring theater actors move to New York for Broadway. Even though their odds are though, their odds are better than anyone at home sitting on their sofa. This isn’t confined just to acting Nashville is know for music, Silicon Valley for technology, New York for the Financial industry, Washington D.C. for government contracts, the list goes on. Today when the availability for travel and the communication options to be always connected trade associations can be substituted for permanently living in a particular city but you must be ready to make a move when the opportunity presents itself or someone will take advantage of the opportunity. Not everyone has to move, but you decided your level of involvement and I urge you to take the next step to advance your network, because you’ll never go father than it can take you. 

-Alfred Ward

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