Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Your Success Pt10 "Just Do It"

“If you believe you are right you’d just be doing it, not talking about it”

    Once you know, you do better. Easy enough. Yeah easier said than done. If you’re like me you’ve had to live with the fear you’d be to prideful but have been blessed with incredible abilities. So you’ve been taught to be humble, you don’t demonstrate your full blessing unless you’re giving up the effort to external sources. You don’t work for yourself, that paradigm was unknown in my upbringing. You get a job, so what I’ve been fighting my entire life was the right to be self defining, which defies my entire upbringing because I was never told I can be anything I set my heart on within my own home. I was told I could work for anyone if they let me. I was taught and only encouraged to be a slave to others. I don’t blame this on my family, this was just tradition for many of my descendants. I have other plans, I know what’s right and that’s what I’m doing. Join me so I can join you.

 -Alfred Ward


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