Monday, December 5, 2011


Poetry is NOW & has always been a great way for people to express themselves. But not only does poetry help those who are writing, reading, or reciting it, but it’s powerful energy finds it ways through the ears & into the souls of those who are reading or listening as well. This fact alone makes poetry a POWERFUL part of life as ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is poetry in some way.

For this reason, with poetry having a bigger audience of fans, it will allow all poets/spoken word artist & artist alike to experience the healing of poetry in MORE ways & in MORE places as the scene & market for poetry will be just as strong as poetry’s power is.

Everyone has a story & whether people know it or not, sharing your story or struggle with other people who can understand your words creates a CONNECTION like no other. This connection can cause inspiration, healing, enlightenment, & growth in knowledge along with many other things because it is our MINDS & SOULS that are connected. This will in turn increase the positive energy that is put back into the world.

All writers, wordsmiths, & literary artists alike should all understand how powerful poetry is. NOW, imagine how much MORE powerful poetry would be if it had a bigger audience? We as poets, spoken word artists, authors & writers alike are the only ones who can make such an increase. It is up to US to come together. It is up to US to unite. Many poets are already networking & building together by way of Social Networking. Though Facebook makes it harder to find those who are on the same page as you, Twitter & Google Plus have a way to follow what are called “Hashtags” (ex. #) or “Trends” by searching for them in their database. This would be a GREAT way for artist to come together & see what other artist are doing.

NOW...iUnderstand the difficulty of keeping in touch with & reading the work of other artist along with living your day-to-day lives. But reading other artist’s work is not my focus here. My focus is to introduce to the world a way for us to connect with like minds. Whether it be to read their work, chat with, or network with them in arranging events or starting projects. Not to take away from sitting at home & writing poetry, but my main focus here is the entertainment industry. People often have LONG drawn out discussions about how BAD the entertainment industry is. Well, iTell you about we do something about it? How about we create avenues for REAL role models to hit the TV screen? What puts a hault on this movement is the lack of connection between artist who are seriously looking to network. When you throw in selfish desires...WE’RE SCREWED !

NOW...I’m writing this article to ask that ANY & ALL artist who are willing to, to hashtag #ThePoetryMovement on Twitter & Google Plus. This way it will be easier for artist to connect with like-minds, because the website's search engine can be used to see who is also talking about #ThePoetryMovement. Twitter also allows "Saved Searches" This will also make it easy for artist who are looking for outlooks to connect with other artist’s & venues in the industry. Facebook & Twitter is often used for a bunch of other USELESS or RIDICULOUS things, how about we come together & put some use to the power of social networking? Social networking has done me MUCH justice in advancing my career & iWould LOVE to see others experience the same(if not MORE) progression that iHave. One good way to make this happen is for artist & poetry supporters who are tweeting or posting about an event to use the hashtag #ThePoetryMovement after their post or tweet.(I’m hoping people see how easy this makes it for artists in different areas to connect & network)

You don’t not need to be a poet to support this movement. If you are a lover of poetry/spoken word & it’s strong energy, then MOST DEFINITELY, you are FAMILY too ! This it not MY movement, if you love poetry/spoken word, this is OUR movement. I’m just giving it a name to be recognized by. So PLEASE...spare me the thought of feeling like a “FOLLOWER” & give yourself the thought of being a SUPPORTER. A supporter of WHAT you ask? #ThePoetryMovement

Please support this by making a tweet with "#ThePoetryMovement" included. iWill then retweet it from 4 different twitter accounts along with a follow back. *Please give me time to retweet & follow back.

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