Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mentally Challenged

Mentally Challenged to live or not to live?

People always say God makes no mistakes right? So what’s up with the people who come out mentally challenged? The ones who can’t do for themselves and spend their days in school baking cookies and not really learning anything. Should a parent have the option of “killing” their child when they find out that they are not going to be normal? To end the suffering before it begins? And if you have a mentally challenged child and have kids that are normal isn’t it unfair to them because all of your time and energy is going into taking care of the child who will never be able to fully appreciate what your doing for them in the first place? In the animal kingdom the weak ones get killed off so that they won’t weaken the pack. Can the same be said about people? Kill off the weak ones and let us strong people fight it out? Or do we just leave the “slow” people alone to live a mediocre life?

Published by: Authoress Taquila Thompson(@TaquilaThompson)

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