Thursday, December 8, 2011

Practice What You Eat!

From Scorpio to Saggitarian, man should be vegetarian, no dominance but egalitarian, you say you're humanitarian, dead flesh inside you're carrying, won't make utilitarian.

Who decided which animals we would eat and which would be slaves or pets? How can a man go to prison for fighting dogs, but get rich from running them to death, or protect animals near extinction, but mass produce cows & chickens just to kill? WTF IS WRONG WITH US????? Who decided this is the way we would live?

You are what you eat, it's no fun becoming meat, when the body is under the axe, internal chemicals react, and attack, in the flesh is where it sats, when you eat meat you're getting that. Energy born of abuse becomes your boost juice, and shows in what you do too.

I'm not trying to advocate, changing beliefs, too late, Just trying to state, the truth about what you ate, and how it's not innate, to be beastlies and eat flesh of our own species, not men, yet still animal, at some level makes us cannibals, especially when we don't have to, vegetables will do.

You must admit . the weather, it's, been a bit out of wits. Extremely hot when hot is not the expected lot, and while in the sun you swelt, glaciers melt, islands gone where life once dwelt, and hurricane's, so often now, getting low on names. Earthquakes that shake, a nation still waits, not quite the same. Not separate incidents, each cause is so evident, it's climate change.

Okay I know what you're saying, how does eating meat affect climate change? strange, but it's not car's ship's or planes, that make the most methane, gases from livestock mange and grunge from the range, which coincidentally changed, trees into pasture became, no protection from heavy rain , black carbon covered the plain, for the sake of 250 burgers per acre, earth shaker, hear what I'm saying?

Now just supposing, an explosion caused soil erosion, where's the wild life to go then, as their whole world is stolen. To the man they're beholden, there they go run into extinction, don't need no gun, take the land and they will starve son. Just for your sake, is your 2 inch steak done?

When you heard about oil spills you knew it was wrong, but didn't you know about the dead zones, where pollution is wide spread, the fish are all dead, because of waste from the cows, and the grass they're fed. Not to minimize the use of pesticides and chemicals to fertilize, stop trying to justify, it's just as wrong!

Put yourself in my place, I'm a cow about to become a steak, I contemplate as I stand in the gate and wait for my fate, why me does God hate? Why was I born to be ate? It's okay, I'll get my revenge another way, every muscle throbs with hate, by the time I'm dead it's too late, think of that when I'm on your plate!

Funny how we interpret things, how herbs will be your meat, turned to eating muscle strings. How hunting nuts and berry's became a load to carry, now saved for ice cream toppings and juice, while meat is mass produced, how obtuse, line up, there's the hoop, convinced grains are substitutes, lost from the truth.

One more thought if you please, animals cause human disease, filth in the factories are all, the reasons for mass recalls. Mad cows, cloned sheep, and pigs that have flu, examples of want can happen to you, through your food. Now you need immunizations, stick out your arm, now you're a patient, live viruses taking, autism making, see what you're facing.

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