Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Mad, But Not At Tyler Perry!!

The controversy over the movie the “Marriage Counselor” is ridiculous to me.  I just read the article, “An Open Letter to Tyler Perry.” This is a movie designed to entertain.  Aren’t there more pressing issues that could use the many voices wasted on this topic?

Number one, the author of the letter has watched 95 percent of his movies (maybe because that's her job as a movie critic or maybe because she liked them too, who knows).  Now she wants to list what is wrong in each one.  Ha ha was wrong when you watched the first play (where was the letter then).  People spent money to watch angry black women in ghetto form.  So why discuss it now?  The negative portrayal of our grandmothers, mothers and aunts is being funded by black people (those are the big fans).  

Secondly, how was he supposed to respond in the letter?  He got thousands of emails from people thinking because the majority of his movies have black actors and they themselves are black gives them the right to tell him how he should make movies and who acts in them.  Furthermore, he answered the response the same way he acts in the movies, like Madea, the same way he portrays black women on the screen.  Was that really a surprise and oh so offensive?  Maybe the offense came because people actually READ it instead of laughing at that kind of negative shit while it played in a movie.  

Thirdly, are we really talking role models here, lmao?! Actors and actresses shouldn't be children's role models anyway.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, black educators, community activists and so on should be their role models.  Let's keep it real!

Lastly, the idea that he took a leading role from a black actress who is lacking role options from other film makers has nothing to do with him.  Is he supposed to make sure every black actor has a role in his films because they can't find work anywhere else?  How about the fact that these film makers that aren't casting black actors are still making mad money from us black people that don't seem to care.  If it concerns people that much try writing some letters to them or how about boycott their movies until they give us good representation and stop blaming Tyler Perry because we can't step up.  By the way, I think the Madea movies suck! But that doesn't mean I can't tell what is ridiculous about this letter and the people fussing in regards to HIS decision about HIS film.  What should be concerning us is why many black people can quote lines from his movies but can't quote a line from a BOOK written by a black author!!!!  But hey it's all about opinions right, this is mines.

By Debbie Allen-Smith aka D. Flo’essence

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