Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Outlook On Profanity

This conversation brings me to my understanding of why people don't "CUSS"

Friend: "in my opinon if you heard someone using profanity then it would send a stigma that they are not living by the doctrine and the by laws"

Me: You are most definitely NOT the only person in the world who feels that way. IN FACT, iThink we would BOTH agree that most ppl who supposedly IS "living by the doctrine and the by law", DO think this way. So if one is seeking the approval of another or therefore trying to PROVE their relationship with God, then iCan see why they would refrain from "USING PROFANITY." But that does NOT give one who DOES "USE PROFANITY" a negative connotation. PERSONALLY...iJust don't feel the need to PROVE my relationship with God to others. Maybe thas just ME? But hey...iAm NOW & have ALWAYS been my own person. *shrugs*

Besides...truth be told, it's become NATURAL to me. Almost as if it were my NATIVE LANGUAGE. So iWould have to RETRAIN myself in this dept. & iDon't see the point of putting myself at a mental discomfort for the pleasure of another. #NeverReallyBeenIntoThat ESPECIALLY...since my intentions are no where NEAR that of a demonic/negative one.

On a SIMILAR NOTE...Do people FAIL to realize that we all lead DIFFERENT LIFESTYLES & run into DIFFERENT experiences in life, & deal with DIFFERENT thoughts & thought patterns meaning that MY perception of something having COMPLETE CONSISTENCY with YOUR perception of something is rather UNLIKELY to be? So to try to GENERALIZE a particular way of thinking is like saying we are ALL the same?

& they call ME crazy? o_0

The day someone shows me how what we call PROFANITY is of the DEVIL or is DEMONIC in some way is they day I’ll stop using…”PROFANITY”. Just like money, words are USELESS without our faith in them. Like DEAD energy, until one gives it positive or negative traits. We as human have POPULARIZED OUR definitions for what words carry negative energy & what words don’t.

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