Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#ThePoetryMovement - What Inspired This Movement

This idea came to me back on December 6th, 2011. Earlier that day iHad a conversation with two business contacts of mine that live in the city of New Jersey. One guy said to me “"I wouldn't even know that Florida had a poetry scene if it hadn't of been for meeting you. This conversation with Ghandi Gps operator of Ghandi's Poetry Spot is a BIG reason why I introduced this idea.”

The other conversation iWas having which inspired the introduction of this movement was with
EisMe DaHost PatienoMics. We were talking about how it will take for some SERIOUS networking to happen in order for business to run smoothly. He has recently placed his passion into the industry & is looking to make some major moves in the game. This conversation was no doubt a big reason why you will get tired of me saying things about #ThePoetryMovement.

I believe what really just made me say, “Okay, DO IT!”, was a conversation in a group chat where a female had no idea about a poetry event in here area. Thanks to Moses West she will no longer feel as if she's been "Missing out." I couldn’t help, but ask myself...”Would she have to ask such a question if there was a median for everything that is going on with everything poetry?

After spreading the buzz about #ThePoetryMovement, we ended up gaining recognition from My Blogword, a website based in Switzerland (according to the contact section of their website) that featured #ThePoetryMovement blog post on their website. It was because of @NuRa_Sunbeam’s tweet(See above) that we were blessed with such recognition. As the buzz about #ThePoetryMovement grew larger, iEnded up running into another person by the name of Dl Davis who featured #ThePoetryMovement blog post on his website. After already seeing such a buzz about #ThePoetryMovement this website feature was nothing short of a blessing.

It’s a wondeful thing to see so many people willing to stand up & try to make a change in the world. I say it’s about TIME, we as poets, STAND UP & make our mark in the entertainment world. I believe in change...& I think you do too ! #ThePoetryMovement #LetYourPenMove

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