Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's In The Glass?: Ciroc mix it or to drink it straight? That is the question. Ciroc as you all may know is Diddy’s brand of Vodka. It comes in four flavors: Ciroc Vodka, Ciroc Coconut, Ciroc Red Berry, and the new flavor Ciroc Peach. This drink goes down smooth but it sneaks up on you slowly. I had the pleasure of tasting the Red Berry and the Ciroc Vodka and after a few shots I was starting to feel a little buzz so I continued to drink it and the next day I found myself on camera singing short bus shawty and and doing the crybaby on the floor. That aside I think that this drink is very sophisticated and doesn’t have that strong alcohol flavor to it. Just put it in the freezer for about an hour to get a good chill on it and have yourself a party. I also recommend mixing it with a little bit of juice if your not a shot person. All in all I would give this drink 4 out of 5 shot glasses.

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