Monday, November 7, 2011

Sleep Number...What's The Big Deal About Sleeping Around

I recently watched this movie called “What’s Your Number?” and it got me to thinking about how many people actually do sleep around. And why is it such a big deal  in a world where sex is plastered all over the place? I asked the “What’s the News?”  group and just as I thought some were afraid to share their numbers for fear of being judged. Some couldn’t even count that high. It was just a lot of beating around the bush until I finally got some answers.
27 is the answer that I got from a male in the group. He said that the numbers rack up when up when you have them in sets. Now if a WOMAN were to state this she would be labeled a hoe because men would think that everyone has been up inside her. 17,36, and well over 50 are some of the numbers I got from the females. I know what your thinking hoes but in reality sometimes you just don’t know what a person’s reason was behind sleeping with a person. Could have been love or it could have been just a spur of the moment thing. Either way who are we to judge because at least they are able to admit it.
All in all, I don’t see a reason for a person to be ridiculed for their sleep number. Almost half the world is promiscuous they just won’t admit to it because they’re afraid of what their friends might think. But if your friend is really your friend they won’t care who you’ve slept with or who you haven’t slept with.  Even with all the STDS and now the throat cancer scare people still sleep around. Its something that will NEVER go away so why hide it?

Taquila Thompson

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