Thursday, November 3, 2011

What The Hell is Hell? & What The Hell Is That About?

Why is hell ever even a topic of discussion? My only explanation is for a SCARE-TATIC. If one is doing what they need to do to live a heavenly eternal life, then HELL is COMPLETELY irrelevant in the matter. "What is hell? Why do I need to worry about that?" As long as I'm living to walk down the right path, this placed called HELL means NOTHING to me.

Do people get ENJOYMENT out of pointing out things that will send people to HELL? Does it give a person some sort of REASSURANCE about the way they’re living THEIR life? Who is to say that YOU are not going to this place called HELL? iGuess it does only make SINCE that we as human beings find COMFORT with our OWN lives by pointing out “NEGATIVES” with another. iGuess this is why ppl GOSSIP?

Sad thing is, we recognize that living a day-to-day life, going to work, taking care of kids, all that good stuff, that we don’t REALLY have the time to sit down & try to figure out the best way to go in life, so we go with what makes the MOST sense to us. That way even if we DO go wrong, we don’t feel BAD, because we feel like we’re at least TRYING. Never taking the time to second-guess ourselves, because we as humans NATURALLY want to feel CONFIDENT about the things that we’re doing. Not saying that seeking confidence is WRONG, but one must take the time to realize where CERTAIN ways of DOING so is..IRRELEVANT.

iFelt that these videos shows a great deal of why iThink FEAR is a big part of people's choice of beliefs.

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  1. Hell is a comfortable category where people stack.things in when shit goes wrong is hell if that's the case...things happen is not always gonna be great....but hell is a symbolic of where the worst evil dwells...where as to the worst evil can be right next hell is can't duck or dodge it ....when its your time to face hell its just your time ....and who to say that hell is not real....well that's a matter of opinion...hell is here incorporateed in our daily lives...its just in question of when it will show up