Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So This Is How It Is?

“White people murder insanely.  Black people murder on a whim.”  First thoughts...damn here goes that race shit again.  Hell Yeah!!!  This is America where a lot of things are judged based on our race.  It’s something we can’t avoid.  Why not take those thoughts analyze them and see where our opinions come from.  So I put my hands in the pot, stirred it up for a minute and I got something juicy.  You want to taste it? it goes.  When your done reading you’ll have the full recipe.

See, I am not without judgment.  I would love to say to say that I live in perfection and the workings of the world could never touch me but then, I would be a walking lie.  However, I am aware of where those judgments come from.  They are daggers coming from opposite directions. One heads my way every time I turn on the television.   Another stabs me in the back when I sit and talk with various people and as I travel from internet site to internet site, I get one in the eye.   But when it comes at me I’m going to try and duck and weave, hoping it doesn’t hit any vital areas of my mind.  I want to maintain my willingness to see both sides.  So, when it comes to the question at hand I can answer it  and move on.  Do we commit certain acts of violence for different reasons based on our race?  The consensus says that’s a fair statement.  

Imagine are sitting in school, class is a little boring but you’re trying your best to stay awake and just when those sleepy eyes are about to close...BANG! BANG!  Gunshots!  After you drop and take cover under your desk you begin to look for the shooter.  You are looking past all the black faces because pre-set in your mind black people don’t do shit like this on the regular.  You’re searching for that crazy white boy that got bullied the day before.  You just know it must be him.   Why?  

Well one “What’s The New’s?”  group member stated it clearly,  “I think white people have more time to meditate and plan and and Fester on their own hatred where its more PERSONAL therefore they make sure they get the right person with black people its more about getting the point across or its an "at that moment" type thing ex. "oh this nigga aint got my money we finna get hime” (T.K.)  

To follow that up another member, put it like this  “This is just my opinion... white people tend to kill for the thrill or recognition. 90% of serial killers are white. The adrenaline factor is a great rush. The thought of being caught or going out in a 'blaze of glory shootout' is what mostly propel them, as well as taunting tho public and law enforcement officials.... albeit, the thrill. Now black people DO tend to murder over respect or revenge. That's usually the case.....80% is for respect or loss of monetary business, 15% is because of revenge. 5% is simply the thrill..... so to answer you question... white ppl- insanely.... black people- aimlessly.... all of it pointless. Just My opinion!!!!!”  (M.E.)

Both of those respondents were black so to be fair let me give you the opinion of a white group member, “I think in general white people kill more for notoriety. Black people kill for what they believe r good reasons. Is a $5 crack rock a good reason tho...most white women involved in murders do so under direction of a white man. How many white women kill under direction of a black man?...” (K. C.)

Shocking!  Of course not.  If you’re keeping it real, many of you know you would have given the same answers.  If you are walking down the street your not going to be concerned about Billy Bob.  You have your defenses up because you don’t know if Whitney has her money for her daily crack dose or Bobby might have broke bad and looked at dude the wrong way as he was leaving.  Bang! Bang!  You will be looking for the black face.  If you’re in church on Sunday make sure there is enough space between the pews to hide.  You never know when the priest will give a sermon the previous week that Sally’s teenage son didn’t like.  Bang! Bang!  Your eyes will be shifting back and forth looking for the white face.  

After this, you might ask, “Well damn, stereotype much?”  At do you, I just admit it and move on!  I don’t let it drive me but I won’t pretend it doesn’t exist.  Do you?  

By D. Flo’essence


  1. Hi D., Reality is that both kill for reasons that they deem important to them based on their social conditioning. Whites have killed for meth or whatever their drug of choice is and blacks have killed for thrills. The problem is looking for a "color" instead of a social condition when making stereotypical judgments. The idea that there are specific biological differences that characterize races Black, white, Asian, etc, is a fallacy that was "officially" scientifically discarded in 1871. Perhaps when we accept that there are only degrees of differences in all of our genes when can address the real reason anybody kills, CONTROL! Walk through the drug district in my town and you better watch your back against all colors.

  2. This blog post is opinion based. The point of Wednesday Madness is to state opinions that have come out during group discussions. There is no factual basis. I didn't go fact finding. People stereo type all the should know that. When it comes to opinions there are various reasons why people veiw things a certain way. Also, of course blacks and whites are not the only murders in the world and of course they don't all murder the same way. When I get into a factual piece, then we are talking about something different. Then we are talking about DNA and percentages. This article is a conversation piece, a thought provoker. Believe me though, I absolutely know what you are talking about and I thank you for the response. It has great thought behind it.

  3. I am glad that I am getting insight that goes beyond the realm of the discussion in a group. Individual responses vary. Such as you Floetfre Style. That helps me in the future get a broader scope of opinions. I hope for the day that race relations will cease or at least become scarce so we can look further into the issues. Until then keep saying your piece and I will always appreciate it. Just want people to be aware that I will continue to point out the opinions and why they are there but I have continual efforts to assist in changing them on a different level.

  4. I would love more comments. I am here to hear all opinions especially ones that I didn't get. The readers and their opinions drive this segment. I will try my very best to comment back. Also, if there are any suggests for other pieces please let me know. The opinions are out there...I am here to state them.