Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Your Success? (Part 1 of 10)

Here’s where I address the best part of my day, I get to blog my opinion on success and its achievement. One of my favorite topics! I used to have a list of ten phrases listed on my front door back in my college days, words that I wanted to read everyday before I left the house, because I felt as if I could ‘brainwash’ myself and I wanted to indoctrinate myself into greatness. Well, that and I felt as if there where a lot of crazy people in the world so these phrases would be my defense against them. They were general phrases such as:

  1. “If you ever fall down pick yourself up before looking for a helping hand”

  1. “Remember that even if you’re in a storm floating on a life raft in the middle of the ocean, you’re still not alone”

  1. “Success happens when opportunity meets preparation”

  1. “You alone define your life, you define your reality, define greatness”

  1. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and expect everything”

  1. “10% is an investment, give yourself 10%, and give it to your dreams, goals, faith, and more! After all you have 100%”

  1. “If you know where people are doing what you want to do, go there.”

  1. “I do not complain and I do not make excuses”

  1. “When you find yourself trying to convince someone of the truth, stop it. Just prove it to them”

  1. “If you believe you are right you’d just be doing it, not talking about it”

I phrased them all as quotes due to I believe there is nothing new under the sun, even if it appears new it’s merely some form of adaptation or the completion of an idea that was born long ago, usually out of the adaptation of some previous idea. I find it amazing that we as humanity have the wonderful ability to make dream come true. The tech of today were the myth’s and fantasies of yesteryear and the future of humanity’s potential is inspiring. Before I go any further I would like to address one thing with the reader. The reason I write in regards to ‘humanity’ is because that is all I believe in first, not male or female, black or white or brown or yellow or red, not English or Spanish or Latin or Kenyan or Chinese, not religious this or that. We’re all humans and we’re all alive. To me that’s our basic element, but it seems as if the true reality is being drowned in a sea of superficialities. One's that either we’ve chosen for ourselves or have been forced to live under that imprison our perceptions into a state a false negative beliefs. I’m not saying religion, race, and sex aren’t important. Surely they are, but they should come second to the things that unite us all. Remember wherever there is a division there must also be dividers and in essence dividers are useful only in their dividing ability. Look around and make sure your divider’s aren’t exploiting you artificially. Life is a process of ongoing experiments, whether you succeed or fail is secondary to the results. The results give you the information you need to reach your goals. Refine your process, improve procedure, perfect your recipe, you get my point; it’s all about continuous improvement. Hopefully, one keeps it up for life and I guarantee whoever does this is always well rewarded.  

As I write these words I know it’s time to take my message to the public, the economy has people upset, the complications of a newly interconnected global world are overwhelming individuals, and we stand at a time in which the traditional divisions are being challenged by the greatest technology man has, which is communication. The timing for the release is also crucial in my personal life. Having just experienced a major setback I’ve found my principles keep me grounded. These same ideals took me from standing on project corners one week selling local rap cd’s, to riding around in the back of a black suburban with governors, and negotiating with millionaire CEO’s. These ideas apply today more than ever. So to pick yourself up, prepare for your success, know that you’re not alone, expect everything, invest in yourself, know at heart we’re all the same or similar enough to address those things that divide us as secondary issues, all of these ideals absolutely guarantee success! Finally my friends keep your faith in a Higher Power near to your heart. Stay tuned because once a week I’ll break down each principle in detail and we’ll build together my friend. Please visit me on or email me at to discuss any questions you may have.

Alfred Ward (Award)

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