Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pick Up Lines: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

“Hey girl let me get in them jeans.” “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put u and i together.” These are the lines you commonly hear out here in the dating world. Sometimes they work and sometimes you strike out. I myself have heard some lines that made shake my head and laugh but a few actually have caught my attention. With the pick up line its all about creativity. You just can’t approach someone saying just anything because people these days are sensitive. So let me help you out by breaking it down for you.

The Good: “If beauty were time, you’d be eternity” It let’s her know that you think she is beautiful and that you are not all about getting into her pants. If she blushes carry on a conversation make her feel comfortable. Make her laugh. Just don’t throw away a good line with a crazy line and don’t just come out and ask for her number be a gentleman.

The Bad: “You must be tired because you been running through my mind all night.” This line is wrong for all the wrong reasons. The main one being that its corny as hell. If a girl falls for this line more than likely her self-esteem isn’t high and when you deal with low self esteem chicks they get clingy and you have to feed their ego. Now if you try this line on a girl with high self esteem she is probably going to blow you off because this line is once again corny. Only old dudes in pimp hats or ones who are too lazy to be creative use this. And 9 times out of 10 you are going to get nowhere.

The Ugly: “Great legs. What time do they open?” This line will get you slapped and a drink thrown on you in the club. This is like setting your own death sentence with this line.  No woman will fall for this line unless she’s a hoe and in that case you might want to strap up before you get more than what you were looking for. I’m talking HIV, crabs, and stds. Just leave this line alone if you don’t want your eyes burning from liquor being thrown in your face.

All in all, pick up lines are a little overrated but people still use them so they are not going anywhere anytime soon. I suggest you just be yourself. Be open and honest and that will work. If you wouldn’t say it to your mama then its probably not going to work. Heed this advice. Avoid getting kick in the nuts and a drink to the face.

Published by: Taquila Thompson

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  1. Here's one of my original lines that has yet to fail me," Miss I won't pretend that your not gorgeous and I usually find it easy to pass up only good looks, But it is impossible to ignore the evident beauty radiating from every particle of your being and I'm not going to be satisfied until I can enjoy your intelligence as well"...