Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's In The Glass?

Four Loko is one of the most controversial energy drinks/alcoholic beverage on the market. It comes in lots of different flavors: grape, lemonade, fruit punch, blue raspberry, watermelon, lemon lime,cranberry lemonade, and orange blend. Some of the flavors barely cover the alcohol taste (but I’m partial to the grape). Four Loko also contains 12% of alcohol which is a VERY high amount. This drink has been reported controversial because some kids on college have passed out to not drinking RESPONSIBLY.  I have drank this drink myself on numerous occasions and since I’m a light weight I have felt its affects on numerous occasions. I’ve had outer body experiences, high amounts of energy, I’ve gotten horny, and woke up with a bad hangover and dry mouth. This drink isn’t for everybody because it lives up to its name you will act loko but if your hanging out with your friends AT HOME I would recommend it. I wouldn’t try to drink more than one though because that’s when things start to get fuzzy. All in all, I would give this drink 3 out of 5 shot glasses.

Published by: Drink Beast