Friday, October 28, 2011

Who Cheats More? Men or Women? & Why?

The fact of the matter is...both MEN & WOMEN cheat. But the question is...WHO cheats MORE? After taking a survey with our Facebook group, results showed that the WOMEN felt as if WOMEN were MORE prone to cheating in a relationship. One of our members stated & a few agreed with, that women are EMOTIONAL BEINGS & when faced with feelings of emptiness or lack of attention, many women will seek to find depth or attention in other areas. “I think women are more "prone" because we are emotional creatures. When our emotions are out of "wack" or we feel we are not getting the attention we need we are more vunerable than a man would be in a similar situation.”,  was her way of putting it.

So what about men? Why can’t some men find it within themselves to fight the temptations of infidelity? A few of the people in our group felt as if society has given most men the idea that they are prone to have a sex drive for more then one partner, so in turn they instill themselves with this mentality. One member used the fact that in the past kings had many wives as a way of explaining why some men have this mentality. She also stated that “Word of Mouf” has added fuel to this mentality as well. “If you continue to force an issue long enough it goes from being just a thought to the opinion of the people.”, was her way of putting it.

Another member stated that she believes that people in general are prone to cheating, because many people will RUSH into relationships. “It’s not enough single people who really know who they are or who they really want, so seein as most people rush into relationships nowadays, the thrill gone as quick as it started. So as soon as something new & shiny dashes across their eye...All bets are off.”, was her way of putting it.

Another member made the comment that “Men who cheat will cheat with more women, more women keep someone on the side”

So if many people agree that women most likely cheat more...why is it that MEN are the most talked about when it comes to this subject? One member stated that, “I guess mainly because they are supposed to be the ones in leadership...HEAD OF HOUSE & all of that jazz.”

So do WOMEN cheat MORE? & Is it because they are EMOTIONAL BEINGS? Or is it that MEN cheat more? Is it because they have been instilled with a particular mentality? Or do they BOTH cheat, because they most likely don’t know what they want in life? It seems as if both MEN & WOMEN almost EQUALLY cheat in a relationship, but many seem to agree that WOMEN do it more.

Published by: Poetic J “The Lyricist” aka Preech

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