Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't Let the World Change Your Smile. Let Your Smile Change the World.

In a world where society is aimed at keeping us apart, how do we ever expect to grow if we don't make changes within ourselves first? 

It's no surprise that times are changing because if you look around you it's obvious. When people are having to make life decision at gas pumps, or having to save up just to make a trip to the doctor's office, it becomes very obvious just how hard times have become. However, just because times are hard it doesn't mean that you should be too.

Society wants us to believe that we should act hard, compete, belittle, and even hate each other. Don't believe me? The Nielsen report proves that our community watches more television than any other group, and the tops shows being watched are "reality" T.V. shows.We are spending, on average, two to three more hours than any other group watching our own people front for the Joneses while they degrade themselves, each other, and our race on national television. What makes this worst, however, is that we don't leave all of that foolishness where it belongs because sadly some people actually bring that into the way they treat others off of the small screen.

I can't put anyone down because I need my 'reality' fix every now and then, but when I do watch it I take it for exactly what it's supposed to be intended for - entertainment. We can't allow ourselves to believe the hype and all of the pettiness that these networks present us with because although these educated marketing executives title these shows with words like 'real' or 'reality' there is nothing factual about the stuff they get paid big bucks to sell us.

Remember, small minds discuss people. Large minds discuss ideas, and great minds are too busy finding ways to build up others and their community to tear down someone else. The destination to success, happiness, and peace is not a competition. The goal is that we call make it there - together.

Children compete; kings and queens conquer. Put down that remote, and instead pick up a few hours helping out someone in your community by volunteering. Show the real world that we're greater than any of those stereotypes that they see on 'reality' T.V.  that is force fed to them through the media.

You're great, so now go and show it.

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