Thursday, February 13, 2014

George Zimmerman: Murder Suspect, Turned Infamous Celebrity

Okay, so we all by now pretty much know who George Zimmerman is. Even if you don't, the media is definitely making sure that you soon hear about him. Not only was his case, which ended very disappointingly, publicized for the world to follow, but he recently made news headlines for having domestic issues with his girlfriend. He also recently made headlines for agreeing to fight in a "celebrity boxing match". Now, I've been saying that the media has been out to make a celebrity out of him since I first heard about the popularity of his case in court & hearing about the situation with his girlfriend & this boxing match just makes me even more skeptical, but if I say anything about propaganda, people will be quick to deny the claim. Thankfully, this boxing match was cancelled, but that still doesn't do away with the fact that numerous efforts have been made to make a celebrity out of a man who killed an innocent young man, as if he was doing the world a favor by doing so. His case & the murder of Trayvon Martin can even be read about on Wikipedia, as if he made history or something! I'm not even gonna get into how fake the pictures look on the Wikipedia page about the murder. He was even in the news for being stopped for speeding in Dallas, TX & giving only a warning. Personally, I wouldn't doubt that he was paid by U.S. government officials to find an innocent young black man to murder in order to have his case publicized & start a national uproar, followed by the stories about his girlfriend, him being pulled over, & the celebrity boxing match to make things more disheartening. But I'm just speculating & I won't bother starting another "conspiracy theory", but I can't be the only one who finds all of this a little too strange to be completely coincidental.

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