Saturday, February 18, 2012

Punani Outside The Pulpit

I always thought some men had secret agendas but some men I thought were supposed to have a certain type of decorum but obviously not. I'm talking about preachers aka "creatures". Recently I had a friend...or someone who I thought was a friend un-friend me because I wouldn't give him no play and when I say play I mean ass. Yes, he was a preacher. He would talk about how he wanted to do me and how it would be mind blowing and that I would never have anybody else like him. All the while I'm thinking you preach every Sunday and throwing up bible verses on your Facebook status but you trying to get me in bed? Really? Where they do that at? Now you would think that I would only run into this type of behavior on one rare occasion but nope this is the SECOND preacher I know personally who is guilty of this. The first one I ran into when I was about sixteen and he needless to say wanted some young meat. It was a gross moment and I will not go into detail. But it just goes to show that people should be careful who their putting their hope into. With all these false prophets who claim to be a man a good when they still running around like teenage boys a victim to their own hormones. Especially with all the things coming out about these preachers and what they're really about people still flock by the thousands to a church Sunday morning. These be the same preachers jumping up and down shouting "PRAISE HIM" and got they mistress sitting right there in the front. Don't believe me next time you go to church look for the one who got on an extra short skirt and falling out all over the place for no reason. If you see the pastor giving her "the look" that's one of his side pieces. They either creeping with women or got they eyes on the young boys in the congregation.  Not to say that all preachers are bad but it seems that the good ones are getting out numbered by the bad ones. Needless to say I know where you won't find me on Sunday morning,

Written By: Taquila Thompson
Twitter: @taquilathompson
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