Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Your Success? : Giving more than 100%

“10% is an investment, give yourself 10%, and give it to your dreams, goals, faith, and more! After all you have 100%”

         I once read that the average adult has the drawing ability of a twelve year old and this is because after adolescence most adults don’t practice this ability very often. Recently I even read that the difference between the great and the good of anyone in a field can be broken down to just a 1% difference of investment, knowledge, or ambition. I tell people often that I know how to spend more than 100% effort in an endeavor and what I’m actually saying is that I’m willing to invest more than the next man. To their 100% in 10 hours a week working at a project I’ll put in 40 and that’s 400% compared to my competition. Who else are we to be compared to? Learn the averages of the field you’re in and always aim to beat it, this will pay dividends. And once you reach a level you’re comfortable with I suggest recognizing how many of your hours should be dedicated to maintaining your level of success. There are 80 potential working hours a week 8 gives you a 10% investment time. If you decided to live by 40 hours a week, your 10% would be 4 hours. Once you dedicate yourself to the investment you’ll see the rewards, but if you learn the competition invests more time than you, or more money, or more resources then you better find a way to invest in an advantage.

-Alfred Ward

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