Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sex Etiquette 101 **EXPLICIT**

To lick or not to lick? To suck or not to suck? To rub her here,kiss her there. These are some common questions so I’m here to help you out whether you listen or not is up to you.I’ll just give you the basics for right now:
Sucking Dick: With the whole throat cancer scare going on I bet your wondering if this is the thing to do. If you want to keep your man.....yes. Don’t just play with it though. Put the whole thing in your mouth. Slurp on it, spit on it, rub your hands in a circular motion, make his toes curls. None of that cute pecking and a lick on the head.That will get him going to the next female. Lick his balls and teabag him to if that’s what he likes.
Pussy Eating: Fellas you can’t stick a finger in there slide it in and out a time or two and think that you doing something. No. You got to lay her back spread her lips and lick it like you mean it. rub her clit thrust your tongue in out. Make your fingers to that come here motion inside of her juices. If she not moaning and groaning and your face isn’t shiny you not doing shit. Matter fact put your whole face in it and go to town.
Common turn on areas: The base of the neck and the ear are common turn on spots for most people. So make sure to get you a little foreplay in by nibbling on those areas and giving them a little lick. Sucking on nipples also does the job. Hold in your hand swirl your tongue around it then give it a hard suck and flick your tongue across it while doing that also.
Position that Never Fails: Doggy Style-if you bend a female over and dick her down from the back she is NOT going to be complaining unless you just have NO IDEA what you're doing. It heightens the sexual experience. You hit it just right and get the right leverage then you in there. Make sure you slap her ass a few times for good measure.
**If your sex game is not on point. I suggest you take these tips into consideration. Might help you out a little bit and make Christmas a little more special. Might. There are no guarantees. Results may vary**

Written By: Shamaine Aries
Facebook: Shamaine Aries

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  1. so nasty......just the way I like it! Nice write!! Keep it up! #whoot