Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whats Your Success?: Position Yourself Properly

  • “Success happens when opportunity meets preparation”

This a great quote that requires no explanation, but is one that deserves to be ingrained into the mind of everyone actively pursing success in any endeavor. This requires a bit of a faith factor, however it doesn’t mean totally stepping out on faith alone. Whatever project you may be working on you should be striving for success. For example I could have a thousand books printed. I know I can sell a thousand books for a modest profit, at least enough to reinvest and cover expenses. Let’s say a major publisher decides to pick the book up and wants to print ten or twenty thousand, I am in a position to immediately take advantage of their offer due to me being prepared instead of starting from scratch with an idea. I take what is free to me, my effort, and I position myself for success today and the success I’d love to have in the future.

-Alfred Ward

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