Monday, November 21, 2011

Conspiracies Believe It Or Not: Bin Laden: Killed or Already DECEASED?

iWanna know why a man (Osama) who was “murdered” for “hate crimes” & disrespecting American citizens in the worst possible way was given the respect of pictures of his death being TOP SECRET? ESPECIALLY if it was NEVER stated that doin such was in connection to his beliefs or religion.
What government says, “It happened, but iCan’t give you sound proof that it did?” Thas BASICALLY like saying, you need to follow me, but iCan’t give you good reason to
FTR: This is only a small piece of my point of view on this subject & iStand pretty STRONG on the opinion that this was yet ANOTHER chess move in this “agenda”.
Published by Poetic J aka Preech

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