Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's The Opinion?

The news carries strong influences.  It is everywhere!  You can find it on the Internet, newspapers, television or third party from a friend or acquaintance.  So, what are we doing at the What’s The News? Organization?  We are giving you news worthy subjects opinion style.

You can receive news and leave it or you can receive news and discuss it.  Discussing issues can lead to the understanding and awareness of the viewpoints around you.  It also gives a prime opportunity to state how you feel on various issues.  That’s where we come in at the What’s The News? Organization.  We take a focal group and we set the news before them and let them discuss, debate or what have you.  When the thread runs dry we have the most important part of the news to write about....the opinions of various group members, residing all around the world, living different lifestyles and harboring different views.   

We are not writing articles based off of fact finding missions.  We are writing to get the conjecture heard on popular as well as not so popular beliefs, causes and issues.  Our purpose is important and here is why as stated from one of the What’s The News? group members:

“The news ain’t ever good but it is for me always wonderful to put my views up to another... I always like to hear an opposite view to understand where they come from it essentially helps me to understand why I have the views that I have and ...vice versa... I just love dialogue period when its intelligent and people actually have something to say... One thing I love about this group is the fact that everybody for the most part seems to be strong in their opinions and will not be easily swayed if at all...” (Flowetic Soulchild)

We need a platform like the What’s The News? Facebook group to get these discussions going.  Get that brain working and hopefully thinking about change.  If we don’t take the time to speak there will only be silent thoughts and unfortunately, that doesn’t help the movement forward.  For example, another member gave a very interesting point:

“I think that it all depends on the type of news you are seeing and hearing and how much you allow it to affect your personal life, if it doesn't directly impact you. These days I prefer to see and hear local news because I want to know what...s going on in MY children's school system and within the district before I focus on what's happening in NY or California. There are many documentaries that can show you what the media will never show you in terms of news and they are far more interesting. Then there is some news that is hard to avoid due to the fixation with celebrities and entertainers, but how long you allow that news to occupy your mind is up to you. All things in moderation. All in all, I think that the dialogue that news in general sparks is very much needed, as long as there is some progressive and solution oriented discussion involved, I'm all for it.” (Ant Pearson)

The news sparks our minds into action.  That action can be conversation at the least or spread into an active form of expressing what you believe in.  You begin to thrive off of it in a becomes a means of sharing how you feel and having those feelings reciprocated.  It’s a cycle and Paza Mitchell Pringle, describes that feeling well:
“I love the news I believe in keepin abreast in the mainstream and underground sources.. News is vital and one of my favorite things to do is share info and resources with others. I think this group is great we all seem eager to learn and listen to different view points.. I learn something everyday!”

There you have it!  The What’s The News? Organization is bringing the people what they want...a place to be heard and articles speaking their voices.  Opinions are at times controversial and you may not like everything we write but the truth will be spoken without fear.   After all, what better way is there to show respect for the opinions of those willing to share there views without apprehension!!!

By D. Flo’essence

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