Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In A World of Madness

I am in fear that I will fall victim to a violent crime very soon.  That my life will mean nothing more to the person victimizing me then it does on the voter’s registration list.

Where do I begin?  Today’s society is twisted.  The mindset is one of greed in regards to emotional, physical and monetary wants.  That short list is only what ails me the greatest.  There are of course many other ways of being greedy in this “great” land.  We want to have everything our heart desires quick and in a hurry.  The way some get that fulfillment unfortunately could lead to my demise.

I was walking to the convenience store the other day around six in the evening.  As I walked, I started to think.  My mind went to the fact that if I am in the wrong place at the wrong time…this could be my last walk.  I clutched my purse and started to walk faster and as I walked faster my heart pounded faster.  However, it wasn’t the brisk stride that caused the tempo of my heart to increase.  It was fear!

In the What’s The News? Group, I have seen a rise in horrifying news stories.  Murder for hire, murder for money, murder for prestige and murder just to see what it felt like. Rape out of rage, rape out of passion and child rape splashed in front of my eyes every day.   Every victim was different and none of them were any more likely to be a victim then me.  I am confused by these people that hurt or kill and apparently so are some of the group members.  The responses to some of these gruesome news stories is as follows:

“Wtf....damn when is enough enough ....every time I think that certain specimens of society has hit an all-time low....they seem to make a shocking”

“This is one of many sad stories of child abuse that I have heard ....n many of them take away my ability to speak for a while ....just (gagging)”

“Ugh...I can't even read this article...this stuff turns my stomach...”

“Perverts create Perverts that's the thing!....and the bad part is (IMHO) if we were to get rid of all the perverts it's still part of the Human DNA the Human Genome......smh”

“This story is sad n sickening all in one”

“The evil that lives within a person is deadly always to others... they need to reap their own suffering upon themselves just to feel the havoc and pain that they have caused on another”

This is only a few replies…it goes on.  People are disgusted yet there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do.  The only thing we seem to have hoped for is…the hope that it won’t be one of us one day.  The hope that we won’t have to bury a family member or search every day for a body rather than the smiling face you used to see,  due to senseless crimes.  Crimes fortified by wants, human disregard, and social inadequacy.   

I want to walk to the store.  Can I do that without fear one day?  I don’t see it getting better.   How about you?

By Debbie Allen-Smith aka D. Flo’essence