Sunday, November 3, 2013

3 Reasons to Support Black Business Owners

This posts was derived from a featured post by Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine
1. To help inspire our youth:
The truth of the matter is, the unity among black people has diminshed since we were first brought here some 500 years ago. Since losing touch with our ancestors, we have had to estbalish a new sense of culture & unity among each other. At first it was the slaves who organized, rebelled, & spiritually related to each other. After that, it was the aspiring young black men & women who rose to the challenge of new opportunities in America for black people, that worked hard to became scholars & entrepreneurs. Then it was the courageous civil rights leaders who continued to empower us & our growth in this new nation. Nowadays, our youth is not exposed to great people of color as they once were, & we have also suffered a major decline of stable families at home, which has also played a role in where we stand economically. I feel that recognizing black entrepreneurs of today will inspire our youth to aspire to do more & inspire more unity among black people in America.
2. To create more jobs:
Supporting black business owners who will eventually need to hire assistance to meet the growing demand of their product(s) and/or service(s), will not only create potential jobs for young black men & women, but will also open up job opportunities for people of other minority groups and/or limited employment opportunities.
3. So that more black parents can provide a prosperous well-being for themselves & their children:
Truth is, since this country began with “blacks” being enslaved, blacks during the time of slavery were not advancing as a people & were therefore not able to do many things their owners were, such as start businesses, own houses or cars, become literate, or save “family money” & college tuition for their kids. All of what we initially inherit in life depends solely upon our ancestors. We as “black” people have had to come from “behind” & play “catch up” unfortunately.
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