Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's Your Success? Pt 4 "You Define Your Life, Reality, and Greatness. Not Them!"

“You alone define your life, you define your reality, define greatness”

If you let other people define you, prepare to be a great doormat. You can have all the colors in the forest with perfect arrangements, but you’ll still be a doormat. This issue is not that you won’t receive compliments and feel good about it as everyone does, but you’ll also take a lot of mud and allow it to affect you to much. Eventually those negative substances will get down into your fibers and become permanent and ruin you. You need a mental shield, what people call affirmations, self hypnosis, mantras, and many even associated it with prayer and praise. You can go on ad infinitum because every culture has recognized its importance. Either you program yourself or someone else will do it for you. I started writing computer programs in BASIC when I was eight years old and it teaches you that a program will only do what you tell it to and every line needs to be correct or you will have problems. I’ve developed a routine of self control which takes these external influences into consideration. Email is great for this, imagine instead of worthless spam when you check your inbox you have a mix of inspiration, business, headline news, and entertainment. Often people just check the general box for these emails from companies or organizations and eventually get tired of the spam, but you can take just a couple more minutes and most of the time they allow you to pick specific topics and choose daily, weekly, or monthly delivery options. I also suggest having multiple addresses, personal, business, and hobby with your self programming specifically orchestrated to each one so the message you intend for yourself to receive isn’t lost. Email is only an example, but today’s tech has made this possible with everything from facebook ads to movie suggestions. I recommend being honest with the feedback and you’ll be surprised on how efficient your programming comes back to you and what a difference just a fraction of effort can make. You’ll be better informed, feel better, and have less spam also known as mud.

Alfred Ward

P.S. This works with people to, give honest feedback and watch mudslingers disappear!

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