Monday, November 28, 2011

My View On Church & Religion

iWill say order for a church to deal with the differences of people, they would first have to ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that they're all DIFFERENT. This would almost defeat the purpose of a church (with a SPECIFIC doctrine), because you're faced with a situation where another doctrine is needed in order for this person to effiectively grow spiritually. Now tell me THIS...How the hell am iSupposed to teach more than one doctrine to a BIG crowd of DIFFERENT church members(personalities)<------  o_0

iBrought this conversation up in a note on Facebook & came to THIS conclusion:

iSay it like this. If you can't do something without resisting a demonic nature...DON'T DO IT. But that doesn't make MY intentions are demonic just because iDo. For instance. If you can't "USE PROFANITY" without being negative about it, then you shouldn't do it. But that doesn't mean when I..."USE PROFANITY" I'M being negative about it.

In response to this a Facebook friend of mine responded:

“yeah I mean if you actually take the time to step outside of yourself and look at the shit thats been embedded into your brain you start to think for yourself... Its alot easier to be a sheep than a sheppard...”

iLeft him with THIS:

“Yes indeed ! We must SEEK to be the SHEPARD (with the help from the HEAD sheppard) of our INNER SHEEP. (the brain, human understanding/mistakes ect. ect.) Lol”

“Rather than wanting to be SHEEP all the time.* We're only SHEEP to ONE sheppard. Lol okay I'm done.”

People are funny. They COMPLETELY do away with what's divine & what's demonic & focus MORE on whether or not the next man does it.

iSaid it before & I'll say it again. DIVINITY IS THE DOCTRINE. Lol

#LoveIsMyReligion #ThatIsAll

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