Thursday, November 17, 2011

Conspiracies Believe It Or Not: Introduction

If you have a secret society deceiving those who are gullible & you allow people who notice the deception to make websites, write articles, make YouTube videos & TV shows talking about these “SECRET SOCIETIES”, when the subject about a “Secret Society” is brought up people will then ask…well if it’s so secret how do you & so many ppl know?” that will in turn make anyone who supports beliefs of a “Secret Society” look insane to those who haven’t yet taken the time to try & find reasons to support such a claim. Add fake websites & videos on top off all of this, & you've created a large world of confusion.

I’m telling you it’s on some mastermind type shit that only very intelligent & subconscious people would be able to reconcile with.

Not to mention the government’s awareness that Americans are indeed lazy & will most likely NOT take the time to watch a video or read a book about such a subject that would require very large amounts of details, meaning our lazy asses are very unlikely to even come close to getting some information on the subject…Not to mention, I'm sure they would be aware that most ppl wouldn't sit there & watch numerous videos or read numerous articles because they would indeed feel crazy for doing so. Not to mention the obvious stronghold religion has on many people.

So do you think that they actually care about people trying to put their asses out in the open?
People don’t understand that their whole purpose is to DECEIVE, & take it as  ”IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE SUCH A BIG SECRET.” Well if a good liar gets caught lying, who’s to say its accuser is WRONG?

Published By: Poetic J aka Preech - Founder of What’s The News?


  1. Most of the what they do is meant to be done in plain sight. They put alot in movies, but as long as they keep you watching Tyler Perry movies, they can put themselves out there without people even noticing. Its tough to trust alot of those videos now because people have agendas of their own, but if one hits the books and studies the history of SS's, the light is sure to be recognized.

  2. Oh man! What a pet peeve...knowing what's going on and knowing that most people are too dumb and some flat out do not care as long as they are getting their government checks each month...On the other hand, I know what is going on but what to do about it? They have so many laws in place that make it almost impossible for the American people to revolt and riot for a renewed government. Hell, is that not our right?