Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Men: Jail Bound? Or Do We Still Have Hope?

You know, many times when we read or hear about news about BLACK MEN, the news always seems to be negative. We often see where yet ANOTHER black man is arrested on criminal charges or even worse, murdered. But not very often do we read about news where there are black men doing things to better their communities. This brings you to question...Do we STILL have hope for our black brothers? In our Facebook group, I posted a random thought about the most interesting game I had ever played being Monopoly & a lyricist from Brooklyn, New York by the name of Penz Foreal informed the group that he often does game nights with the youth in his area. I took the time to ask him these questions.

So how long have you been doing the game nights with the youth?

Penz Foreal: I been involved with game night with the youth for about a year now out here in Brooklyn

And what age group do you normally work with?

The participants are usually between the ages of 10 and 13. Those are the critical years for children, especially for boys.

So why do you feel that having this game night with the youth is important?

Penz Foreal: It enhances their minds on topics about money, debt, asset, & saving & loans. Chess builds their strategic awareness, & it trains them on how to think before making a decision. These skills are important as they will need them in life.

So have you noticed any growth in the youth's understanding of the games since you first started the game nights?

Penz Foreal: Yes, I have noticed communication and self-esteem improvement during this time. The youth were able to express themselves, find solutons, and laughs amongst each other.

The future of our generation of black men depends on parents & community leaders & what they are doing to ensure that the youth grow up equipped with the tools that they need to survive the "GAME OF LIFE." So I leave you all with this question. Do our black men have a chance? Or is jail most likely their only destiny in life?

Published By: Poetic J aka Preech 


  1. WOW! All it takes is one domino to start it off. The most important thing is what type of domino it is: good or bad? I have all the hope in the world that our black men will become what they are destin to be: KINGS! I haven't given up!

  2. I believe that there is a chance for our black MAN besides jail due to there acceptance of being able to focused....refrain from a lot of unecessary empower there drive to more ....although things happen but if they see life in a different light ....then yeah our black man has a chance...

  3. @DivaNLyfe, iLike your domino effect comment.